The shop opened in 2012 as a corner inside another sports shop. The idea was born from the fact that it was difficult to find a place to find clothing and equipment for artistic ice skating in Ticino. The idea worked.

After a year I moved close to the ice rink in Lugano, now the Corner Arena. First in a small spot with little exhibition space but many boxes, full of material and ideas. Then the collaboration with Conte Sport, a shop specializing in hockey equipment, led me to become a little bigger and more competitive.

Over time I have developed collaborations with various skating clubs.

I have working relationships with the best companies that deal with figure skating both from a technical point of view, skates and blades and with regards to accessories and clothing, always keeping myself updated on the latest news that the market offers

For a couple of years I have been temporarily, always close to the track, alone. The future always holds surprises and I will let myself be amazed, and I hope my customers will too.